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Most Popular Locations:
 Dubrovnik, Croatia
 Inverness, Scotland
 Leiden, Netherlands
 Hofn, Iceland
 Milan, Italy
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Popular Places to Stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

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Apartman Marija
A. Starcevica 20
User Rating:  4.8
Stella Apartments
Za Kapelicom 16
Hostel Dubrovnik
Vulet 14

Popular Places to Stay in Inverness, Scotland:

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Glendale Guest House
65 Macewen Drive, Crown

Popular Places to Stay in Leiden, Netherlands:

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Leiden Hostel For Females

Popular Places to Stay in Milan, Italy:

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Milkyway Hostel
Via Ugolini, 20
User Rating:  2.3
Ciao Bella Milan
Via Balzaretti, 4

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