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 Osar, Iceland
 Alacant, Spain
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Popular Places to Stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

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Rio Hostel
Rua Joaquim Murtinho, 361
Arpoador Beach Hostel
Bulhoes De Carvalho N# 470
User Rating:  2.4

Popular Places to Stay in Grahamstown, South Africa:

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High Corner Guest House
122 High Street
A Stones Throw Bed and Breakfast
9 Stone' S Hill
Jenny's Bed And Breakfast
9 Dulverton Road

Popular Places to Stay in Osar, Iceland:

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User Rating:  4.3

Popular Places to Stay in Alacant, Spain:

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X Hostel Alicante
Carrer Del Tucuman, 28
User Rating:  4.0

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