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 Rome, Italy
 Barcelona, Spain
 Boston, Massachusetts
 Viejo San Juan, Puerto ...
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Popular Places to Stay in Amsterdam, Netherlands:

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Amsterdam Budget Rooms
Excellent Rooms Centre Amsterdam
Nieuwe Looiersstraat 45 1Th Floor
Hotel Kap
Den Texstraat 5B

Popular Places to Stay in Rome, Italy:

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Legends Hostel
Via Gaeta 64
Silvio Hostel
Via Napoleone III, 89
User Rating:  2.9

Popular Places to Stay in Barcelona, Spain:

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Hillview Barcelona Youth Hostel
Alt De Pedrell 42
Korea Hostel
Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes, 628, 1

Popular Places to Stay in Boston, Massachusetts:

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Friend Street Hostel
234 Friend Street
User Rating:  3.0

Popular Places to Stay in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico:

For more accommodations in Viejo San Juan use Search above    
Calle Del Sol 318

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